Viper Elasticated Stable Leather Universal OWB Holster


Simple and size adjustable belt holster with belt loops on sides making the holster stable on the belt and attached to the body. Open top open barrel design and quick gun draw.

Hand-shaped holsters made of pre-dyed natural leather of the highest quality.

Our skilled craftsmen custom make the holster for your specific handgun.

  • Leather OWB holster for a wide variety of pistols
  • Open top open barrel design
  • The elasticated front part can adapt any pistol
  • With belt loops giving holster stability on the belt
  • Made of finest natural leather
  • Design your own holster by choosing from the available options

After the process of drying the genuine leather, the hand-molded holster might naturally shrink a little. If the re-holstering appears difficult during the first wear and the fit is too high, do not worry. All you need to do is to break-in the leather. Find our tips on the process here: