Here at ORPAZ, we have over 30 years of experience and knowledge gained through real combat experience. Our founder, who is a former veteran of the Israeli Police SWAT Unit, created ORPAZ in 1990. He has spent his whole life interacting with firearms and learning the most minute details about defensive and protective firearm gear. Our team at ORPAZ has devoted much time to learning the intricacies of combat, and how gear can be improved for it. After years of experience with handling all kinds of weapons, our dedicated team at ORPAZ has devoted their time to developing the perfect ways to conveniently carry your firearm with you at all times.

Our slogan here at ORPAZ is “By Your Side.” This slogan represents the fact that our holsters will always be by your side, and also that ORPAZ cares about keeping you safe in any type of combat situation. We work our hardest every day to develop products that will keep you safe and well protected.
At ORPAZ, we will only use the finest polymers and materials to produce our holsters, which make them tough, intuitive to use, and long-lasting. When using our products, you will experience comfort, good grip, and simple operations that will be simply incomparable to any other products on the market. ORPAZ’s weapons systems will always provide maximum results with zero malfunctions, for 100% reliability every time. We have a wide range of products designed to secure pistols from Glock, Sig Sauer, and CZ, as well as many other holsters that have been engineered to deliver maximum results with minimal friction, which makes the designs of ORPAZ the best in the business. ORPAZ products are being used worldwide by militaries, governments, private security firms, and law enforcement agencies, in addition to being commercially available on the civilian market.

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