GunAlly Champion 1911 Premium Leather Gun Holster


GunAlly Champion 1911 Premium Leather OWB Gun Holster

This holster is made of Premium Leather. Adjustable thumb break for additional security.Carry your 1911 pistol securely and comfortably with the GunAlly Belt Pistol Holster. This top-quality custom leather outside the waistband holster is specifically designed for Compact Model and MSD Champion 1911s with 3″ – 3.5″ barrels. It also fits any Goverment Model 1911 with a 5” barrel. Featuring a thumb break retention strap and strong buckle hammer strap, this holster ensures that your firearm won’t slip out or bounce around. Perfect for everyday concealed carry and for law enforcement/military personnel, this lightweight holster gives you quick access to your firearm when needed. Choose the GunAlly Belt Pistol Holster for convenience, comfort, and security when carrying your pistol.

Fit:- MSD Champion 3” Barrel ,Universal Colt 1911,Tokarev TT-30,Beretta,9mm Police Pistol OWB Holster.


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