GunAlly Leather OWB Carry Two Slot Gun Holster for 1911 Similar Size Handgun


 GunAlly Gun Holsters are designed for optimum performance, maximum comfort and safety. It is a comfortable, durable, lightweight and safe   leather holster that you can carry all day. It is produced from Genuine leather with reinforced stitching at every stage with care.

  • ★ SUPERIOR QUALITY AND HANDCRAFTED; It is produced by using our skilled craftsmen by using full grain first class quality vegetal leather which is most suitable for gun holsters.
  • ★ MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY; We offer you an unusual holster for your gun, a holster designed for your gun, compatible and protecting your gun.
  • ★ SECURITY AND PROTECTION; It minimizes your weapon to rust and be affected by sweat. We want your holster to be as valuable as your weapon. Do not risk your gun with synthetic and plastic sleeves. Feel the comfort of the skin with your gun. Secure your gun with GunAlly pistol holsters.
  • ★ FEATURES; It has a structure suitable for fast draw.
    • Hand molded for a perfect fit. Barrel mouth is open.
    • The retention strap helps keep the gun securely in place.
    • It covers the trigger and the barrel completely.
  • Universal Colt 1911, Beretta ,Glock-17,19,Tokarev TT-30,9mm Police Pistol OWB Holster

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Black, Brown, Camo